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How Flat Fee Brokerage Works - Omaha NE


How Flat fee brokerage Works Omaha NE

Our flat fee program is unique in that it is structured to work. Most programs are designed to get you on the Multiple Listing Service and that is it. We built our program to not only get you on the Multiple Listing Service, but get your house shown and sold. In addition to working, we made it easy for you with detailed instructions, check lists and easy to complete documents.

How our Flat Fee Program works:

Note: These programs are only available for online enrollment. They are NOT available if one of our agents has done an onsite evaluation or market analysis.

The Listing Process

* A lock box is provided with the Full Service Plan only

Please let us know if you have any questions.
We are here to make this an easy process.

Set Agent Appointments Using a Showing Service

When an agent wants to show a property they call CSS or request the appointment using their online dashboard. CSS then calls, texts or emails the property owner for approval. Once the property owner approves the showing, they confirm it with the agent and the appointment is set! CSS then gives the agent showing instructions (lock box codes or any other showing instructions). If the property is vacant and the owner prefers not to be bothered with scheduling, the showing service can set the showings in the background.

CSS verifies that an agent setting an appointment is an agent and not just a random person. The showing service is only for agents and not for individuals. Individuals will call you directly.

After each showing, CSS will automatically e-mail the showing agent and the agent can post feedback on your property. We will email you the feedback we receive. Not all agents provide feedback even though we send a request 3 times.

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