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Your Resource Page For The FULL SERVICE Plan

From For Sale to Sold Omaha NE Real Estate

Thank you for your interest in our Full Service plan!

Carefully review and then bookmark this page. It has the links to the resources you will need throughout the listing/selling process. If you have a question that is not addressed in the instructions in the Listing Kit, the FAQS or on the Selling Tips page feel free to email us.

Please download the Listing Kit
which has all the forms needed to get started, plus helpful instructions that will help you sell your home quickly and for top dollar. Once your paperwork is received in good order we will send out the sign and lockbox.

Note: All listings must have an easy way for agents to gain access to the property, such as a combo lockbox, garage door code or push button front door code. The lockbox is the preferred method. We will provide the lock box for the Full Service Plan. Letting the agent in or leaving a door open is not an acceptable alternative.

If the house is occupied someone must be available to approve showings at all times during business hours. Vacant houses will be set to "Show Anytime".

Note: No one should be present when the house is being shown. Remember, once the property is on the MLS it is no longer a For Sale By Owner property (although you may definitely sell it by owner and avoid the buyer's agent commission). Agents see it as a listed property and expect all normal conventions to apply
. So, NO For Sale By Owner signs, please.

Review the Selling Tips page for helpful tips on selling your home.

Buying a house? Save money with our "Buyer's Advantage Program". Not only don't we charge a broker admin fee, our buyers can get a commission rebate! Unlike the other guys who charge you to buy a home through them, we pay you to buy your next home through us!

Moving out of town? Download our Relo Kit and let us find you a great agent and get a rebate in the process!

Tip: Limit your communication to a buyer's agent to the bare minimum. They work for the buyer and anything you say will be used to the buyer's benefit. Also, sellers communicating directly with the buyer's agent is not the norm and some agents will not be comfortable with it. Any feedback that an agent will have will be sent directly to us through the questionnaire that they receive from the showing service. We will pass on whatever feedback we receive. Not all agents provide feedback. We do not recommend calling agents for feedback!

If you prefer to skip the paperwork and let us do it all email us about our Traditional Full Service option with rates of 2% if we sell your home or 4.4% if a buyer's agent brings the buyer. There are discounts for sales over 400k and no upfront fees. Minimum commission is $3,000.

Access county databases for property information & legal descriptions
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