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The Berkshire Difference

Berkshire Real Estate Company's Independent Agent Program is patterned after successful organizations in the financial planning industry. Independent financial planners have known for years that the success of their business is mostly dependent on client recognition of the individual planner's ability to serve their needs and not on what firm with which he or she is affiliated. Successful financial planners affiliate themselves with firms that best support the needs of the planner.

The real estate industry is not unlike the financial planning industry. Your  success in the real estate business will be determined by your initiative and hard work. We believe that the more freedom you have in running your business the greater your opportunities will be for achieving your goals. Your broker, first and foremost, should be dedicated to supporting you.

At Berkshire we consider our agents to be our clients. You do not work for us.  We work for you!

True Independence

While it is customary that real estate agents are considered independent contractors, few really are "independent". Most firms have many rules and requirements regarding the manner in which their agents conduct business. The only two things we ask of our agents are that they conduct business legally and ethically. We want to make sure that the name, Berkshire Real Estate, is always held in high regard by the public and our colleagues.

Berkshire agents are always free to determine policies and procedures regarding their real estate business, including: commission rates, marketing strategies, cooperating commission rates and any other business related issue!

Support Not Supervision

Berkshire supports its agents by striving to provide the services real estate professionals need. We have developed proven marketing programs that you are welcome to use. Our principals are seasoned professionals with many years of experience in the Omaha real estate industry. They know the market and collectively can assist with virtually any question or problem you may have.

Berkshire's principals are a great resource for building your business!


In today's real estate industry the office is becoming obsolete. Everything we need to operate our business is on line via computer. Other companies penalize their agents for the high cost of office space and other expenses that do little to improve their agents' businesses. They offer lower pay outs to compensate for these additional expenses. We operate our business out in the field, not in an office. Because our overhead is low, you enjoy higher pay outs.

Low Expenses and No Fees

Berkshire does not charge its agents for the company's services. You only cover your costs of doing business. We have no agent fees and do not charge your clients that dredded Broker Admin Fee.

High Commission Pay Outs

You do most of the work, so you should get most of the commission. Our commission schedule is simple. We give you a liberal percentage of all the gross commission you generate. The pay out rate on inside and outside sales is the same. We never penalize agents for selling other brokers' listings. There are no minimum production requirements. Our pay out rate for experienced agents is a flat 80% of gross commission, normally paid the day of closing. We also offer higher pay out rates for producers.

 The Next Step

If you are ready to take your business to the next level, call me today and schedule a confidential interview. You'll be glad you did!

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