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Home Foreclosures Omaha

Home foreclosures Omaha Home foreclosures in Omaha are low relative to other parts of the country. Home foreclosures are a symptom of economic distress. When an economy performs well, jobs are retained and unemployment is low. Most people that have experienced a home foreclosure were the victim of a job loss. During the great real estate recession several areas of the country had such high home foreclosure or pre foreclosure rates, such as short sales, that the majority of the homes on the market were distressed homes. This brought down the value of all real estate and created a vicious circle. Once prices fell far enough, investors jumped in and started buying at bargain basement rates. It took concentrated investor intervention to pull some markets out of a free fall.  Fortunately, Omaha was not one of them. Omaha's diverse economy kept the unemployment rate low which minimized distressed sales. There are still areas in the country that have not bounced back economically. Home foreclosures are still a problem as people struggle to remain in their homes and there are not enough real estate investors to jump into the market and start the process of bringing home values up through increased demand. Our Buyers section has information on our money saving buyers programs.

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