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Omaha Real Estate Market

Omaha real estate market

Over the last decade the Omaha real estate market has been one of the most stable of the major metropolitan areas. Prices declined modestly during the recession and the number of distressed houses did increase. The adverse affects of the housing bubble did not impact the Omaha real estate market to the degree that it did in other cities. One of the reasons Omaha was so fortunate was the diversity and strength of the Omaha economy. Another reason was the lack of speculative pricing during the decade prior to the recession. Home prices did not rise that much, so they did not have to fall very far to get back to an equilibrium level. Housing should rise at the rate of inflation and for the most part the Omaha real estate market did just that.

There were a few years when pricing rose faster than inflation during the late 1990s, but most of the increases during the early years of the new century were in line with inflation. One factor that did contribute to the problem was an excess of new construction inventory. Had the builders not over built just prior to the decline, Omaha may have avoided the bulk of the loss of pricing.

Currently, post recession, the  Omaha real estate market is healthy. Pricing is improving and demand is strong. If you are looking to buy a house or sell one, check out our Buyers and Sellers services.

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