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Property Management Services

Property Management Services

There is a vast range of available property management services provided to property owners. These services are provided either by an employee of the property owner or by a licensed real estate firm. Nebraska and Iowa law requires that anyone providing property management services be licensed to do so unless they are the owner or an employee of the owner.

Many owners opt to manage their own properties. Real estate investors often are people from all walks of life that wish to use real estate as an investment vehicle. As the investor accumulates properties at some point in time their management responsibilities require more and more time forcing the investor to decide whether to hand over the property management functions to a property management firm or become a full time property manager themselves.

The typical management company charges a percentage of rents.  Employees are normally paid by the hour. As the quality of the properties increase, the amount of time required to maintain them declines. Percentage based fee structures are cost effective with lower quality properties while time based fee structures are more cost efficient with high quality properties. The investor has to weigh the costs of bringing or maintaining a property to a quality standard verses the extra property management costs associated with not doing so. For more information on property management visit our property management page.

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