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What is the 2%+ SM ?

It is a revolutionary new concept in marketing real estate. It gives sellers the professional representation they need, with the flexibility to design the marketing strategy best suited to their needs. Most of all, 2%+ SM lets sellers put the excess profits, which have traditionally been retained by their agent, back into their pockets.

How does the program work?

It is simple! We charge you 2% to sell your home, and you cover any extra media advertising expenses, such as TV, radio or newspaper, if you wish to have extra advertising (we give you full market exposure with the program, so additional advertising is rarely justified). In addition, you agree to reimburse us, at closing, for the cost of compensating an outside broker, if they participate in the sale of your home. Of course, if I sell your home, you pay only 2%, unless your home sells for over $300,000 then additional discounts apply. Unlike many companies we do not charge add on fees. If your house does not sell for any reason you pay us nothing.

What kind of expenses can I expect?

On a $200,000 home the typical expenses are:

Commission to an outside agent $4,800 *
Of course, if I sold your home the
Professional fee to Berkshire R.E. $4,000
cost would only be $4,000 or 2%.
$8,800 or 4.4%

On an $800,000 home the typical expenses are:

Commission to an outside agent   $19,200

Professional fee to Berkshire R.E. $  6,000 (1st $300,000)
Professional fee to Berkshire R.E. $  3,000  (2nd $300,000) Of course, if I sold your home the
Professional fee to Berkshire R.E. $  1,000  (3rd $200,000) cost would only be $10,000 or 1.25%.
$29,200 or 3.65%

Our commission rate is 2% on the first $300,000, then it drops to 1% on the next $300,000, and drops to 0.5% thereafter. The minimum commission is $2,000.

* We recommend offering the standard selling commission to the other agents so they will readily show your property. The vast majority of listings on the Multiple Listing System offer 2.4% to the selling broker.

Here is a bit of trivia - Years ago it became customary in co-op sales for the listing company to retain 60% of the commission and give the selling company 40%. In many other communities, and among the commercial brokers in Omaha, the standard split was 50/50. So, for example, on a 7% listing the selling broker would be paid 2.8% and on a 6% listing the selling commission would be 2.4%. In recent times, most companies figured out they could get away with paying the selling  broker 2.4% and still get them to show the listings regardless of what they charge to list the property.

How do I have more flexibility?

Your home is automatically given maximum exposure on the Multiple Listing Service and the top internet real estate sites including local sites. You have the flexibility to decide if additional advertising is needed, how much advertising is warranted, where to advertise, the size of the individual ad, what standard level of compensation should be offered to outside firms, and other pertinent details.

What kind of service can I expect?

We give our sellers the same level service (or better) than most full price firms. We do not take more listings than we can handle. Each seller is given the individualized attention they deserve. If anything is needed, they can talk directly to the listing agent or one of our trained assistants. You'll always be able to reach a person that can help. Our program is a FULL SERVICE program. We handle everything. The only thing you have to do is cash the check.

How can you afford to charge so little?

It is the difference between buying retail and buying wholesale. We do not have the financial drain of expensive offices, middle managers, unproductive trainees, or image boosting advertising. We can afford to sell for less without giving you less!

Full service at a discount price!

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