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Beware of 3rd Party Referral Sites


red Flag - 3d Party Referral Sites Omaha

The 3rd party referral site is a middleman. They advertise Flat Fee brokerage and then refer the business over to a broker that is licensed in your state. Their profit is the difference between what you pay them and what they pay the broker. The seller does not have the ability to ask questions or interview their agent. Many times the agent and broker are undisclosed until after the service has been paid for.

These referral companies are not interested in finding the best agent, just the cheapest one. Some referrers have an open bidding process to find the lowest cost agent. Because the agent gets paid so poorly, there is little incentive for the agent to do anything other than provide data entry services. You get terrible customer service, little support and many times they charge for ancillary services necessary to effect a smooth transaction. These are the guys that have put a stain on the industry.

To make sure you are not listing with a 3rd party referral service, always call the company before you list and ask if they are the licensed broker that will be listing you on the MLS. Research who your listing agent will be and talk to them to gauge their competence.

Hint: If the advertisement is not in the name of a licensed broker, they are probably a 3rd party referrer. Brokers are required to advertise in their name.

We are NOT a 3rd party referral site!

Our flat fee program is unique in that it is structured to work. Most programs are designed to get you on the Multiple Listing Service and that is it. We built our program to not only get you on the Multiple Listing Service, but get your house shown and sold. In addition to working, we made it easy for you with detailed instructions, checklists and easy to complete documents.

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