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Which Flat Fee Plan is Best For Me - Omaha NE

The difference between our flat fee real estate plans for Omaha Nebraska

Showcase Plan

Our Showcase Plan is for experienced sellers that are comfortable handling all aspects of the sale but only need MLS marketing. This plan is suitable for former Realtors, real estate investors & attorneys. Most other sellers will fare better using the Full Service plan.

Here is what we include in our Showcase Plan:

  • We provide a CMA
  • We will answer general questions
  • You will be listed on the local MLS, Realtor.com and syndicated 3rd party sites.
  • You step into the shoes of the listing agent.

Full Service Plan
Our Full Service Plan is for sellers that may not have the experience or the time to step in the shoes of the real estate agent and are looking for an experienced REALTOR® to handle the sale. Our experience and expertise can help prevent you from making a costly mistake! Check out the "About Us" link to learn more about us. Most sellers end up with a higher net at closing using this plan.

 Here is what we include in our Full Service Plan:
$400,000 = (300,000 x 1%) + (100,000 x .5%) = $3,500 which would be 0.875%
$800,000 = (300,000 x 1%) + (300,000 x .5%) + (200,000 x 0%) = $4,500 which would be 0.5625%

Tip: Many agents are hesitant to deal directly with sellers. Some have been burned by inexperienced sellers killing a deal, problems with other flat fee brokers paying them in a timely fashion, or the fact that they have to do a lot more work with a flat fee listing. All these potential pitfalls are put to rest with our Full Service Plan. Our colleagues see your listing as a traditional listing. They have no idea you are paying about half as much as their clients are.

When selling by owner you are usually on a level playing field with an unrepresented buyer. However, when negotiating with buyers that have an experienced agent on their side, the average seller is at a distinct disadvantage. It's kind of like representing yourself in court when the other party has an experienced attorney.

Using our Full Service Plan gives you the advantage, since your agent is probably more experienced and more knowledgeable than the buyer's agent. There is no substitute for experience!
For that reason most sellers walk away with more cash at closing utilizing our Full Service Plan than the Showcase Plan. Besides, the difference in commission is less than 1/4 of a percent for the average transaction!

Tip: Check the mathCost example

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